Corporate Social Responsibility

Communicativ made itself committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). As a communication specialist in working efficiently, we serve many companies that want to work in a responsible way with people, resources and the environment. Also we do conform to this desire and we do this actively in the organization as we take our social responsibility activities in society.

The employees are encouraged and provided with the right tools to make a contribution to sustainable work. Telecommuting, video conferencing and carpooling herein is a common aspect just as a financial incentive for the use of energy-efficient cars.

Our office is environmental aware decorated, with products coming from recycled materials, energy-efficient LED lighting and an ultra-modern, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient cooling and heating system. Our entire IT environment runs in a CO2-neutral datacentre (Cloud).

Corporate Social Responsibility

Also to society Communicativ take responsibility. In choosing which charity matches to our company we first looked at our core value. The three most important core values for Communicativ are: honesty, value and passion.

Communicativ has therefore connected itself as a sponsor for The Ocean Clean-up. This foundation, set up by a Dutch boy of 16 years, committed to a better world in which all the plastic waste disappears from the ocean. If you’re diving and you see more plastic than fish then something must be undertaken..

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