Cono Cheesemakers
CONO cheese makers is a farmer cooperative that has existed for over a hundred years. These farmers and cheesemakers produce 350 million kilograms of milk per year. And in the cheese factory in the Beemster polder, this milk is processed into 28 million kilos of cheese.
CONO cheese makers has 460 dairy farmers.
 Provided Services  CONO Cheesemakers

Provided Services
CONO Cheesemakers

Communicativ supported CONO cheesemakers in the transistion proces from traditional telephony to Skype for Business

Skype for Business

Skype for Business is used for telephony at CONO cheesemakers


A lot of traditional devices are still used at the factory of CONO cheesemakers, those are now linked with the use of multiple ATA's and Gateway's.

Operator station

The operators are using a Peterconnect operator software.

With the move to a new office CONO cheesemakers have decided to replace the traditional telephone exchange. They have chosen for a solution based on Skype for Business that allows besides telephony also availability for information what is a big plus for the organization.
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