Deltares is an independent applied research institute in the field of water, soil and infrastructure. Worldwide Deltares works on smart innovations, solutions and applications for people, environment and society.
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Provided services

For Deltares we migrated the existing 900+ users  from an open-source communications platform to a Microsoft platform.

Microsoft Exchange

Over 900 users have migrated from an open source e-mail platform and Oracle calendar tool to Microsoft Exchange. An application that fully integrates with the Skype for Business environment.

Skype for Business

The internal communication had to be optimized. Through the platform Skype for Business the everyday communication have become efficient and easy.

Deltares has over 900 employees and is based in Delft and Utrecht. Between sites but also between the colleagues who have been working abroad there is a lot of communication. To streamline and simplify the communication Deltares decided  to switch from an open-source platform to a Microsoft platform with all the communication and collaboration capabilities for all employees.
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