Erasmus MC
The Erasmus MC is a medical center in Rotterdam, at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. With over 14.000 employees, 800 specialists and more than 3.000 students hospitalized the largest of the eight university medical centers in the Netherlands.

The Organization

Healthy population and excellent healthcare. This is what Erasmus MC stands for. Conducting groundbreaking work, pushing boundaries, and leading the way in research, education, and healthcare.

Erasmus MC is the result of a merger between the Dijkzigt Hospital, Sophia Children’s Hospital and the Daniel den Hoed Clinic with the “Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences” of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The medical center is located in the center of Rotterdam.

The hospital has 1320 beds. As a university medical center, Erasmus MC contributes to both patient care as education. It employs around 14.000 people and almost 1.000 medical specialists. More than 3,000 medical students are trained at Erasmus MC.
The hospital is one of the eleven trauma centers in the Netherlands and has a Mobile Medical Team. Erasmus MC is built as the university-medical-center-of-the-21st-century, this only makes it more important that the communication process runs smoothly and efficiently.

The Organization
 Provided services  Erasmus MC

Provided services
Erasmus MC

At Erasmus MC we have created an environment that supports the organization in their communication and collaboration needs. By using the latest technologies  based on Microsoft Skype for Business, the specialist save a lot of internal travel time and they experience an efficient communication process. Research has shown that because of the Skype for Business environment a specialist at Erasmus MC can work up to an hour more efficient every day.

Skype for Business

At Erasmus MC we have set up an highly available on-premise Skype for Business environment.


By use of an Oracle ACME gateway is the area accessible to the PSTN.

Surface Hub

Erasmus MC supports innovation and that is why we have chosen for the Microsoft Surface Hub.

Sennheiser headsets

The employees use Sennheiser headsets.


COMMUNICATIV provides active support to the environment with our Quality Service Agreement.

Polycom conference devices

The Polycom Trio for Skype for Business supports the small conference rooms.

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